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Unique Companionship:
“Finding companionship
while you travel is so rewarding and always presents…”
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Four Travelers:
“These are four types
of travelers in my opinion
The Tourist Traveler,
The BackPacker…”
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Remote Island Living:
“Throughout my life, I’ve
never had a desire to
live on the Ocean.
I have always been…”
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PIC of the Week:

Adventures in Colorado

Friends in Cool Places

Backyard Beauty
Backyard Beauty


“I’m currently in Fort Collins Colorado, enjoying Colorado summer. Will be taking off in early October to visit friends on the west coast with a one way booked flight to Hawaii.”

“I will be spending 3-6 months in Hawaii enjoying some time off, and to do some well needed writing! Following, my adventure is leading me to New Zealand for new and exciting things! Can’t wait to share it with you!”